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Beef - Selected by the butcher every Monday from Sedgemoor Primestock Market. Favouring a number of breeds like Angus, Hereford and Ruby Red Devon. The most important thing they look for in the beef they select is that they’ve been fed properly. We want fat, marbled meat! It is then Dry-aged for up to 40 days.

Lamb - Selected by the butcher at Sedgemoor Fatstock Market every Monday.

Dry-aged for up to 14 days.

Pork - Reared in Talaton, Devon. Absolutely delicious and consistent flavour. Pork isn’t typically dry-aged for a long period of time as the dry-ageing process can effect the rind if left to long. 


Our potatoes are grown locally at Dollings Farm in Heathfield, less than 2 miles up the road. 

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