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The New Normal

With the aim of making things as safe and welcoming as we possibly can, Team Anchor have navigated our way through the 'new normal' hospitality guidelines and we are ready to welcome you back.

Every decision we've made, every new process or policy put in place is with the purpose of keeping you and the team safe and comfortable. 

We carried out a customer reopening survey to make sure we are making the changes that you want to see.

If you would like to ask any questions before you visit, or have any feedback. Please contact us via the link below. 


What we're doing to keep you safe 


We've all got used to seeing screens at supermarkets during lockdown. This will be part of the new norm at any contact points with the team, including our bars

Table Layout

We're lucky to have a huge amount of space both inside and out. 
Our beer garden tables are 1.5m+ apart - just because we can! 
Our indoor tables are 1m+ apart with tables placed back to back as advised.

Visors & Masks 

As of September 24th it is now compulsory for all bar and waiting staff to wear face masks. Visors may also be worn in addition to this.


There will be lots of hand sanitiser stations for you to use regularly

On Arrival

Entrance and exits are clearly marked. Please enter through our main entrance and turn right into our lounge bar waiting area. Let a member of the team behind the bar (and screen) know you are here and we will come and show you to your table.

Table Service

Government guidance now states that there should be strictly table service only (Sept 24th). We were already practising these measures before it was enforced. A slight change for outdoor tables - customers will now be able to order in our lounge bar waiting area. Simply come and take a seat on one of the designated tables and we will be over to take your food or drink order as quickly as we can. All food and drink will then be delivered to where you are sitting outside.

Extra Outdoor Space

Bistro Seating

Joining us for a drink in the sun?
We have the perfect alfresco spot for you!


So much space!

We are so lucky to have so much outdoor space. Here's the beer garden, where tables are at least 2m apart. We also have the play area, courtyard and bistro seating!


Frequently Asked Questions 

Please be patient with us. Everything we are doing is to keep you and the team safe.
We are following the guidelines. #Bekind

Will you have the same opening hours?

We will be opening with slightly reduced opening hours initially and hoping to be back to normal as soon as possible. 

Do we need to book?

We know its much more fun to be spontaneous, but right now booking ahead makes more sense for everyone. You know there will be a table ready and waiting for you. Even if you call us 5 minutes before heading over to check we have a table available, we would really appreciate it. 

Are you offering takeaway?

We are indeed! This will be for collection, not delivery. Take a look at our Food for Collection menu. Then give us a call to place your order. In order to maintain social distancing we will give you a 15 minute window around your preferred time to collect your order. If you order online, please make sure you book your Food Collection slot first.  

Will you be offering your famous carvery?

Government guidelines state that self service buffets should be avoided wherever possible. 

We will therefore be serving our delicious Sunday Roast straight to your table! Just think, you won't have to stand and queue!

Can we pay by cash?

We will be using a contactless payment system wherever possible, so please pay by card if you can. We will accept cash if necessary. 

Is the play area open?

Our play area is open and children must be supervised at all times to ensure social distancing and regular hand washing/ sanitising. You know how much we love welcoming your little people here, but any children found to be without supervision indoors or outdoors will be asked to return to their parents. We will have a zero tolerance policy for this to ensure all customers are keeping safe and feeling safe. 

What are the rules when making a booking?

Here are the government guidelines: 

NEW LEGISLATION FROM SPETEMBER 15TH. We are only allowed to accept bookings for groups that include a maximum of two households inside, up to 6 people. Outside the same rules apply, OR 6 individuals from 6 different households. 

Can we reserve a particular table?

We know that part of why you love to come to the Anchor is that we do everything we can to accommodate your requests. Right now, its going to be difficult to book particular tables for you. We will need to reserve certain areas to maintain social distancing for things like takeaway collection and order points. It may be that certain sections will also be closed for a deep clean during all day service.

Can we book a table to meet friends and family?

Yes, but restrictions apply:

Inside - your party can consist of a maximum of two households. We are taking bookings up to a maximum of 6 people on this basis. 

Outside - In addition to the above, a group of six people from any number of households can make a reservation.

Anchor Inn COVID-19 Risk Assessment 

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